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International Scale Rock Crawler Championship™

Linekillaz Compz™ - Your Badass Scale Rock Crawler Competition


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Flatgekko™ LCG Crawler System
Grind ODT™ LCG OD Transmissions
Stonerockr™ LCG Offset Wheels
Thoor Smart Power Servos
PROCRAWLER® Pro Scale Rock Crawler R/C
ALT Foams

What’s This?

ISRCC™ UK 2022 is the official franchise competition event of ISRCC™ International Scale Rock Crawler Championship founded by IRCCF® (International Radio Controlled Rock Crawler Competitors Federation) with 10 gates and a maximum time limit of 10 minutes per course. Number of courses per day yet to be determined depending on the total number of registered comp drivers.

ISRCC™ is a global performance-driven scale rock crawler competition event format and aimed to provide premium quality annual competitions worldwide for all the drivers who keep challenging the limits of their scale rock crawlers and driver skills.

The ISRCC™ Ruleset is proudly based on the actual WRCCA Performance Scale rules with minor modifications belonging to the scope of localization.